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Grand Theft Auto Cheats

Grand Auto Theft Auto cheats are the key codes and button combinations that trigger an effect or take you to a particular area of the video game. These cheats range from very simple infinite ammo codes to more complicated cheats that alter your surroundings and how you interact with the game.

Thousands of gamers across the world use Grand Auto Theft cheat codes, either to get through a part of the game they find too difficult, or just to extend the replay value of the game by enabling features that are normally unavailable to the player.

GTAs cheats and codes are built into the game by the game programmers during development and are perfectly safe to use � they will not damage your game. However, under rare circumstances it is possible for GTA to crash or show other signs of instability. This is due to the fact that the cheats often involve making objects do something they are not designed to do, for example the flying cars cheats.

There are also a number of Grand Theft Auto cheats you can activate through a third party device, such as an Action Replay. These go beyond the relatively simple cheats built into the game and can unlock features that the producer never wanted to be available, such as the Hot Coffee mod.

Most gamers will agree that using cheats before playing the game properly will usually spoil it for you � kind of like watching the end of a film before you watch the rest of it. If you start the game with all the best weapons and power ups then you’ll likely be bored having to start the game again with nothing but your fists.

Certain GTA cheats can be activated over and over again, such as the ammo cheats for GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas. This allows you to keep adding more and more ammo. You still have to reload but you shouldn’t ever run out of ammo if you can remember the code. Other cheats codes are simply either enabled or disabled.

Other Grand Theft Auto cheats such as the weather codes can be toggled to a number of different settings. Whilst these don’t make an enormous difference to your progress in the game itself, it will change how you and other computer controller people interact with their surrounding. For example, when it’s raining you might want to take it a little slower. Or not!

The whole point of the GTA series is to cause as much carnage and mayhem as possible in as little time as possible, which is what has made the games so popular. Grand Theft Auto cheats are as much an integral part of game play as the cars you drive and the guns you shoot. If there were no cheat codes and you could only ever progress through the game by completing missions, it would still have mass appeal but it would not have the same replay value and those players that just want to sit down and play for ten minutes might choose to play a different game.

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