GTA Cheats

Word on the street is that GTA: Vice City Stories will be hitting shops October 17th in the US, and October 20th in Europe. As with GTA: Liberty City Stories, it will be PSP only at first but we can expect a “budget” 19.99 release on the PS2 six months down the line – once they’ve milked it for everything it’s worth.

In other news, GTA4 (or should that be GTA6?) currently has an official release date of October 2007. What that means in reality is that it will (probably) be released end of November, just in time for Christmas, but most people won’t be able to get their hands on it until the January sales are just about done and dusted.

It’s also worth noting that it will be released on the PS3 and XBox 360 at the same time. That is of course assuming that the PS3 is out by then – don’t hold your breath, you might just turn blue.

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