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GTA PlayStation (PS1) Cheats

The original Grand Theft Auto was released in 1998 for both the original Playstation and the PC. At the time, the games violent subject matter sparked a huge amount of controversy, generated by Take 2′s publicist through the media. This helped make it the multi-platinum game it is today. Even after almost a decade, the original GTA can still stand on its own as a quality action game.

Gameplay Cheats

Cheats are enabled by setting the code as your name. You can enable more than one cheat at a time.

Code Effect
EXCREMENT 5x multiplier
WEYHEY 9,999,999 points
CHUFF All cities
Cities 1 and 2
URGE Cities 1 and 2
BLOWME Display coordinates
BASTARD 99 lives, 5x multiplier, all weapons, armor, display coordinates, select level, unlimited ammunition and a “Get out of Jail Free” card
GROOVY All armor, unlimited ammunition and a “Get Out Of Jail Free” Card.
HANGTHEDJ All cities and weapons, lots of money and a parrot picture at the character selection screen.
PECKINPAH All weapons and armor and a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card.
THESHIT 99 lives, 5x multiplier, all weapons and armor, select level, unlimited ammunition and a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card.
SKYBABIES Select level up to “Mandarin Mayhem”.
FECK Liberty City (1 and 2)
TVTAN Liberty City (1 and 2) and San Andreas City
EATTHIS Maximum Wanted level

Useful Stuff

Game Music

You can play the GTA soundtrack from any original game CD just by putting it in your CD player and listening to tracks 2 and higher.

Tank Location

The Coordinates for the tank are 99,48 on the second part of the first city.

To get a Golden Limo

Steal any limo and then drive it into a paint shop to have it repainted with a gold color.

Tank in San Andreas

Drive to the very southwest corner of San Andreas on a superbike and jump the ramp onto an orange island. Collect the blue token and the words “The gates to hell are open” will appear. Then head to the big industrial area near the marina in a police car, truck, cab, or ambulance to open the gate and find the tank.

Easy Tank

On the first city, access the second scene (Heist All Mighty.) When you start, run somebody over and wait for the ambulance to arrive. When it does, nick it and drive to the army base, drive in and you can nick the tank.

Note: This only works with an ambulance or a police car.

Go Through Fences

When you find a fence you want to go through go find a truck or van (something you crawl under instead of over when you press R1). Align the truck so it is parallel with the fence. Get out and crawl under the truck towards the fence, you should come up on the other side.


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