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GTA PC Cheats

The original Grand Theft Auto was released in 1998 for both the original Playstation and the PC. At the time, the games violent subject matter sparked a huge amount of controversy, generated by Take 2′s publicist through the media. This helped make it the multi-platinum game it is today. Even after almost a decade, the original GTA can still stand on its own as a quality action game.

Gameplay Cheats

Cheats are enabled by setting the code as your name. You can enable more than one cheat at a time.

Code Effect
SUCKMYROCKET All Weapons, All Armor, Get Out of Jail Free card
HATEMACHINE 10x multiplier
% MACHINE Raise point values
ITCOULDBEYOU 999,999,999 points
All levels and cities
Press * key for all weapons
Infinite lives
No police
IAMGARYPENN Enable Offensive language
IAMNOTGARYPENN Disable Offensive language
HEARTOFGOLD View FMV sequences
PORKCHARSUI Debug mode – see key/action table below

NB: Captured screens are stored as DUMP.TGA files within the /GTADOS subdirectory.

Useful Stuff

See PS1 GTA Cheats for more useful stuff.

Hijack Trains

You can hijack any train just by pressing Ctrl + Enter once you’re inside it.



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