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GTA 2 PC Cheats

GTA 2, released in 1999, maintains the top-down perspective and basic mission structure of the original but adds a couple of new features into the mix. There are now rival gangs (3 per city) whom you can complete jobs for. If you’re working for one gang, it can be hard to keep the others happy. In GTA 2, it’s not just the Police that persue you – if your crime spree gets too out of hand, the FBI, SWAT teams, and the
army get involed!

Gameplay Cheats

You must enable cheat mode by naming a character GOURANGA before you can use any of these cheats. Once cheat mode is enabled, all other codes must be entered during gameplay.

Some of these codes only work in the European version of the game.

To access the bonus level, collect all Grand Theft Auto 2 shields.

Code Effect
GOURANGA Enable Cheat Mode
JAILBAIT Get Out of Jail Free card
DANISGOD $200,000
IAMDAVEJ $9,999,999
SEGARULZ 10x multiplier
CUTIE1 99 lives
TUMYFROG Access all levels including hidden ones
GODOFGTA All weapons and ammunition
GOREFEST Blood mode
NO FRILLS Debug scripts
DAVEMOON Default weapons and ammo
WUGGLES Display coordinates
SCHURULZ Double damage power-up
Electro gun and unlimited ammo
FLAMEON Flame-thrower with unlimited ammo
EATSOUP Free oil, guns, spray and more
MADEMAN Gain respect from all gangs
BEEFCAKE Increase brutality
RSJABBER Invincibility
HUNSRUS Invisibility
ARSESTAR Keep weapons after arrest
DESIRES Maximum Wanted level
No police
LASVEGAS Pedestrians are Elvis impersonators
BUCKFAST Pedestrians are aggressive
NEKKID Pedestrians are nude
DANISGOD Points for spraying car, saving game, etc.
MEATMAN Rodent on screen
ITSALLUP Select level
COCKTART Skip exploding scores
FISHFLAP Small cars

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