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GTA 2 Dreamcast Cheats

GTA 2, released in 1999, maintains the top-down perspective and basic mission structure of the original but adds a couple of new features into the mix. There are now rival gangs (3 per city) whom you can complete jobs for. If you’re working for one gang, it can be hard to keep the others happy. In GTA 2, it’s not just the Police that persue you – if your crime spree gets too out of hand, the FBI, SWAT teams, and the army get involed!

Gameplay Cheats

Codes should be entered as your name, not during gameplay.

Code Effect
MUCHCASH $500,000
BIGGUNS All Weapons.
SESAME Unlock All Levels
DBLWAMMY Unlimited Double-Damage Power-Up
BIGFRIES Unlimited Electro Gun
TOASTIES Unlimited Flamethrower
SCOOBYDO Unlimited Invisibility
ULTIMATE $10 Million
INFINITY Unlimited Health
ALLFREND Full Respect
BADBOYZ Maximun Wanted Level
BIGCATS 99 Lives
LOSTTOYS Keep weapons after you die
ERRHUH All peds are Elvis
BOYAKASH 5X Multiplier

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